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10 Reasons Why You Should Head for F1 in Singapore


When people talk about the best Grand Prix in Formula 1, there are a few that people always turn their attention to: Brazil, Monaco and Japan being the most famous, for their history, settings and tracks themselves. However, there’s one location which is often overlooked: the Singapore Grand Prix. The circuit, located at Marina Bay, is one of Formula 1’s street circuits and is one that you should be looking to attend. Therefore, here are ten reasons why you should head for the F1 in Singapore.

Firstly, it is Formula 1’s only night-time race. It became so in 2008, when, after a 31-year absence, it returned to the Grand Prix calendar. It’s break from the calendar had been down to fatal accidents at both the 1972 and 1973 Singapore Grands Prix, but with a new track built at Marina Bay, the organisers were determined to get it right. They succeeded as the exhilarating race is still going to date, with no plans for it to end any time soon. The night-time setting alone is enough to warrant checking it out, with people often saying that it is the most beautiful of all the races.

Singapore Flyer

Another reason why you should go to the Singapore Grand Prix is because it has entertainment both on and off the track. Each of the three nights sees some top music artists perform, tickets for which are included with your GP tickets. In 2016, Imagine Dragons, Bastille and Kylie Minogue all performed, but this year you can see the likes of Calvin Harris, Duran Duran and Ariana Grande. This is by far the best off-track entertainment on offer from any Grand Prix and almost makes the ticket price worth it for these concerts alone!

Not only does Singapore boast beautiful views all over the country, but the city skyline is one of the most enticing night-time views that you will see anywhere around the world. From the Marina Bay Circuit, you can see a perfect view of this skyline and the lights that light up the waterline when the sun goes down. The buildings and waterside ports and restaurants create a hazy glow which makes it feel like a place that never sleeps. This beautiful sight is just another reason why you should be booking your tickets sooner rather than later.

It’s not just the buildings and events that make Singapore such a great Grand Prix to attend, but the local people and cuisine too. Although food within the circuit grounds themselves is expensive and not brilliant, there are loads of places to get cheaper food around the area and throughout Singapore. Singaporean cuisine contains elements from a variety of different cultures and groups, incorporating ideas from East Asian foods like Chinese and Japanese and the sizzling foods of India and Pakistan. Singaporean food is rarely found elsewhere around the world and therefore it is ideal to make the most of your visit and sample some of the unique restaurants and eateries it has to offer.

Similarly, Singaporean locals are renowned around the world for being friendly and easy to get along with. They are all happy to help at any time and they appreciate the tourists that travel from all over the globe to visit the country, and specifically for things such as the Grand Prix.

Another brilliant reason why you should be heading to Singapore to see the Formula 1 is that the entertainment isn’t just over after the concerts in the evening. Singapore has, arguably, the most vibrant and exciting nightlife in Asia. There are tons of bars and clubs located near and around the Marina where the racing takes place and many people head to these for after-parties, once all the entertainment has concluded. Some of the most popular clubs include Attica, in Clarke Quay, CÉ LA VI, on Bayfront Avenue, and BANG BANG, located near the racetrack, on Marina Square. There are lots of others to choose from but these are some of the most popular.

Your ticket to the Singapore Grand Prix doesn’t only give you access to watch the exhilarating race itself and the entertainment off the track, but also gives you unlimited rides on the iconic Singapore Flyer. The Flyer is Singapore’s equivalent of the London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel which gives you panoramic views of the entire island city. Perfect for photographers and tourists alike, the Flyer allows you to observe all the breath-taking sights that the city has to offer and even allows you to see as far out as Malaysia and the neighbouring Indonesian islands, as well as the ocean and the many boats which inhabit the glorious open sea expanses.

And whilst you’re in Singapore, why not take a look at these three popular tourist destinations to truly make your trip worthwhile.

Pay a visit the Universal Studios, where you can visit attractions based on some of your favourite movies, with seven uniquely themed and designed zones. It has 18 unique rides that you won’t find at any Universal Studios and even has a replica of the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are also a number of themed restaurants and celebrity lookalikes scattered throughout. If you are with your family, or just a big fan of the silver screen, be sure to pay this a visit for a guaranteed fun day out.


The final two reasons why you should visit the Singapore Grand Prix are two of the other popular tourist destinations that Singapore has to offer. Firstly, is Sentosa, an island resort located off of the southern coast of Singapore. There are a ton of things to do, with a waterpark packed with thrilling rides, the opportunity to swim with dolphins and interact with birds and another animals, and not to mention the Fort Siloso Skywalk, a nearly 200-metre long skywalk amongst the treetops. There are loads of restaurants and other activities to take part in too, so if you’re planning on staying in Singapore for longer than the Grand Prix weekend, be sure to pay a visit to Sentosa.

Finally, is the Merlion Park, one of Singapore’s most popular and famous tourist destinations and sights. The highlights of the park are the titular Merlions, two giant statues of a half-lion, half-fish creature. The original statue, constructed in 1972, stands at over eight metres tall, and was later joined by the Merlion cub, a smaller statue. The Merlion is seen as a national symbol of Singapore and the statue is by far one of the most iconic sights in the entire country. Visiting a piece of Singapore’s rich culture and iconography is just one of the many reasons why you should be heading to the country for her Grand Prix.

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