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Singapore, My Unseen City - A Mini Series on Wheels in Kampong Glam


In this mini series, we take you on a journey of discovery of Singapore on wheels.

Kampong Glam

The name of the area is thought to be derived from the cajeput tree, called "gelam" in Malay.  "Kampong" (modern spelling "kampung") simply means "village". Today, Kampong Glam still retains strong ties to the local Malay and Muslim community, and has sometimes been termed the "Muslim Quarter" due to its history. The Muslim population still remains a significant presence in Kampong Glam, especially in Bussorah Street, and the area remains a key focal area for Muslim activities. To date, the Sultan Mosque remains a major landmark and congregation point for local Muslims.


Just like Little India and Chinatown, Kampong Glam has been restored, refurbished and had a new lease of life breathed into it, bringing back the former colour and vibrancy of the area. Rows of conserved shophouses can be found in Arab Street, Baghdad Street and Bussorah Street. Many of these shophouses now have new tenants but these tenants still blend in with the remaining traditional businesses like textile and carpet shops, blacksmiths and shops selling religious items used by Muslims. Of late, small boutique hotels have also started to spring up around the area, contrasting a cool indie vibe with staunch traditional Malay customs. We captured some of the street art around the area while cycling around.

Kampong Glam street art 2

Kampong Glam Street Art 3

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