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A Word with Louis


Louis, Guest Service Executive from the Front Office team at Furama RiverFront. He left his hometown in Malaysia to pursue a career in Singapore, and is currently at his first job since graduation.

The best thing about locals
Louis: Singaporeans are a bunch of friendly people, and it helps that I am able to understand their language. Also, the locals are known for their use of Singlish, spoken colloquially in Singapore. I think Singlish is fascinating and I started to using the slang while in Singapore – its addictive!

[Singlish is a variety of English spoken language in Singapore, with a mixture of Chinese and Malay. It is used by the local frequently. Some of the more common terms would be ‘Anything lor’ which means you are shy, lazy or easy going with the choices brought forward. ‘Walau eh’ is a hokkien phrase used to describe disappointment or surprise]

Your favourite singlish word/phrase
Louis: Bojio. [Bojio refers to the act of not inviting your friend along to an event, gathering or activity]

Name one souvenir to bring back home
Louis: When guests swing by the hotel, I would strongly recommend them to buy Ya Kun Kaya Spread. I feel that its one of the unique item that belongs to Singapore and the spread can only be found in Singapore.

Where will we be able to find you at 1am?

Louis: I work in shifts, so occasionally after im done with my shift, a few colleagues and I will head to Lao You Ji for supper. They are open till late and its within walking distance from where I work – Furama RiverFront so its perfect.

One memorable event you’ve been when in Singapore
Louis: The annual Night Festival was one of the more memorable event since I have been here. You can see a variety of intriguing arts and it was interesting how some arts are expressed to convey a message. Most of the museums here are open till late during the Night Festival and there is complimentary access
to some of them! It’s an event to bring art lovers together and to appreciate the finer details of it all.

What do you usually do on your day off?

Louis: I love to explore new terrains. Recently, my friends and I decided to take a trip down to Pulau Ubin for some cycling and we had seafood for lunch. It was pretty convenient getting there as it’s a boat’s ride away and it was time spent away from the city area.

What made Singapore your choice of workplace?
Louis: I love that the culture in Singapore’s pretty similar to the one in Malaysia which made the move easier for me. Singapore’s all about a spread of delicacies and over the span of working here in Singapore, I definitely piled on some weight! Singapore’s a border away from Malaysia which means I will not be far from where my family resides, and I will be able to visit them often. Finally, the stronger currency in Singapore means a stronger buying power in Malaysia.

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