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We understand that you want the dream wedding you and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime. Offering a medley of choices, choose from a variety of gorgeous settings that will take your breath away.

From a solemnisation set against a backdrop of a 20ft waterfall with lush tropical surroundings, to an intimate gathering by the poolside, to an elaborate gala wedding banquet in the pillar-free ballroom, Furama RiverFront is committed to offering guests the best service for a fairytale wedding they have been dreaming of right here in Singapore.

Wedding Packages

Please click on the links below to view wedding packages:
> Wedding Packages 2017/2018 - updated 30 June 2017
> Solemnisation Packages - updated 1 August 2017
> Chinese Vegetarian Wedding Packages 2017/2018 - updated 30 June 2017
> Malay Wedding Packages - updated 30 June 2017 
> Malay Solemnisation Packages - updated 12 October 2016 
> Indian Wedding Packages - updated 1 August 2017 

Promotional Wedding Package 2019 - updated 10 August 2017
Promotional Vegetarian Wedding Package 2019 - updated 10 August 2017



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