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Top Five must-haves in your bag when you travel Southeast Asia


(1)    Light clothing

The weather in South East Asia tends to be rather hot and humid, with periods of rainfall. Due to the high humidity, it is best to bring with you light clothing made from linen or cotton so your body stays cool all the time. A waterproof windbreaker will help for air-conditioned places, when the temperature falls slightly or during drizzles.

(2)    Power bank

With all the technological gadgets we have in tow and because we simply cannot live without our mobile, a power bank will help keep the power up so you can navigate, capture pictures and more recently, to catch those pokemons lurking around!


(3)    Sun Sense

Experts always speak of the importance of sunscreen to prevent sun and age spots. Keep a tube of sunscreen or sunscreen spray handy in your bag for easy reapplication throughout the day. Keep a hat and shades handy too to keep out the sunrays.


(4)    Comfortable walking shoes

Travelling is about exploring new frontiers and blisters are certainly not welcomed. Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes that can help you to walk for long distances without and discomfort.


(5)    Shawl / Scarf

There are many religious temples and places of interest all over Southeast Asia and while you may be dressed comfortably for the weather, we need to have respect in places of worship and carrying a shawl or scarf is not only lightweight but you can use it to cover your shoulders or as a cover up over your shorts/skirt.


Now that you’re all dressed and packed right for your holiday, it’s time to explore, engage and get excited! 

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