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A Word with Rosalie


Rosalie, from the Philippines is currently a Reception Manager at Furama City Centre. She has been in Singapore for 9 years and counting. With this article, we are unveiling her favorite comfort place within the lush garden city, and the local dish on repeat.

What do you love about Singapore?
Rosalie: I love the diversity within the country, and Singapore’s so rich in culture with the various ethnicity and race. Singapore strikes me as a country that encourages openness and offers many
opportunities for growth.

Where would you recommend a first time visitor to in Singapore?
Rosalie: Definitely Marina Bay Sands, Merlion and the Singapore Flyer. They are iconic and embodies the epitome of Singapore. Marina Bay Sands has a quirky structure itself, it looks like a ship landed on top of
a building.

Your favourite local dish?
Rosalie: Chicken rice from Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice at Maxwell Hawker Centre. I love how fragrant the rice is and I personally like my chicken steamed, with the best part being the chicken breast.

The best thing you can do for free here
Rosalie: Visiting museums, especially since the Asian Cilivisation Museum is a stone’s throw away from my workplace at Furama City Centre, I am a frequent visitor! I love to take a walk or a hike through the
Macritchie trail to soak in the nature.

What was the hardest adjustment in Singapore?
Rosalie: The climate! My hometown’s in the Northern part of Philippines so it gets pretty chilly there. When I first relocated to Singapore, I really could not get use to the humid weather but now that I have
been here for eight years, I am used to the weather now.

Your favourite comfort place
Rosalie: When I want time to myself, you can find me along the river bank at Clark Quay. I would have a Matcha ice cream from the Japanese store just in front of The Central, and sit along the river to have a

5 words to sum up Singapore
Rosalie: Dynamic city where its fun!

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