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8 Best Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur in 24 Hours


A jungle of mixed cultures, customs, traditions, and cuisines, Kuala Lumpur is considered as the most ethnically diverse city in Asia. It’s a sweet spot where people from different national roots such as Malays (including Indonesian Malays), Chinese, Indians and Singaporeans among others cohabitate seamlessly. Although you wouldn’t usually find KL in the top destinations in Asia, it is definitely a must-visit truly asian city. Whether you are in Kuala Lumpur for a business trip, a weekend vacation or a longer backpacking travel, you will never go wrong with this itinerary which guides you to save time (and money) while checking the top things to do in Kuala Lumpur in just 24 hours! Being in the tropical region, KL remains hot and humid during most months. But when you visit, try to avoid the monsoon seasons (October to January and March to April) when it gets short rainfall and thunderstorms.


Itinerary Map

A - Batu Caves

B - Tasik Titiwangsa
C - Little India
D - Central Market
E - Petronas Twin Tower
F - Menara KL Tower
G - Night Market Chinatown
H - Bukit Bintang



1. Morning Hike at Batu Caves

Let’s start the morning up north at 13 km from KL center where a humongous statue of Lord Murugan, a Hindu religious icon, stands at the foot of the 272-step stairway to Batu Caves. One of the sacred hindu religious sites outside of India, this popular spot in KL has temples inside the cave to take pictures of, and crafty monkeys along the way up which you can feed at your risk. Worse thing that can happen other than them chasing you around would be actually biting you.

Suggested schedule: 8-10am to avoid tourist crowd.
Costs: Free

Batu Caves

2. Relax and Watch The City at Tasik Titiwangsa

Be invigorated at Titiwangsa Lake Garden, a refreshing oasis consisting of lush trees and an incredibly man-made lake that features one of the best angles to see The Twin Towers as it produces a reflective image at the water’s peaceful surface.

Suggested schedule: 10:30-11:30 am
Costs: Free

Water Fountain at Titiwangsa

3. Get a Savoury Lunch at Little India

Brimming with India’s rich culture, this street is jam-packed with everything good about India - food, items and happy people. Experience cheap good Indian cuisine in one of the restaurants or food stalls crammed along its streets, or buy some souvenirs to take home. bring some patience though as you will get a taste of the infamous Indian road chaos, similar to what you see in Bollywood films.

Suggested schedule: 12-1:30pm
Costs: Depends on your buying and eating habits!


4. Central Market

Local Malaysians typically suggest foreigners to not miss the Central Market, a traditional wet market where locals used to convene until it warped into a tourist souvenir market in time. You will find locally produced native items perfect as souvenirs such as wood carvings, key chains, Asian-inspired clothes and local handicrafts. There is also a food court offering a variety of Malaysian and other food cuisines.

Suggested schedule: 2-3:30pm
Costs: Price of goods vary from affordably cheap to expensive

5. Stand in Awe of The Petronas Twin Towers

Kuala Lumpur’s icon, the Petronas Twin Towers used to hold the title as the tallest building during 1998 to 2004. Although other skyscrapers have snatched the title, this building remains a favorite among foreigners and locals. Confidently standing at 452 meters, The Petronas is not just a spot for picture-taking, but also for shopping and relaxing. At its foot are big malls such as Suria KLCC, Avenue K and Quill City Mall, and outside is the famous KLCC Park, a humongous garden where people take their selfies with the towers as the backdrop.

Suggested schedule: 4-6 pm
Costs: Free to look at and take a picture of, you can pay 80 MYR ($27) to reach the observatory deck at 88th floor.

Petronas Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur 

6. Watch The Sunset at Menara KL Tower

Head towards the second most popular skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur, the Menara KL Tower. This communication tower that pierces the sky at 421 meters has an observatory deck that allows visitors to take panoramic shots of KL’s skyline. One of the best times to come here is during sunset - a perfect opportunity for photography or selfie enthusiasts.

Suggested schedule: Right before sunset at 6:30pm
Costs: The observation deck is open from 9 am to 10pm for $16.

7. Go Shopping at Petaling Night Market, Chinatown

A vibrant location that is faithful to China’s cultural image, KL’s Chinatown is a must-see especially at night when the friendly Petaling Night Market vendors open up their stalls that brims with cheap items, tasty street food and a wide variety of souvenirs.

Suggested schedule: 8-10 pm
Costs: Prices are cheap and bargaining is permissible.

8. Party Till You Drop at Bukit Bintang

Bukit Bintang, a district of trendy shopping malls, spa centers, restaurant and street food comes alive in the evening with bright lights and loud music as the nightclubs open up for locals and foreigners who want to experience partying the Malaysian way. It could be considered as the backpacker’s paradise because of the convenience and entertainment it offers to foreign visitors.

Suggested schedule: 10pm until the next morning
Costs: Depends on your drinking habits

Before starting this 24-hour itinerary, consider your transportation options. If you’re traveling alone, being accompanied by a local guide is the best option. He might even be able to drive you around at the back of a motorbike. Otherwise, taxis, Uber and Grab are safe alternatives to the busy rail system. After your full day of exploring the culturally dynamic city of Kuala Lumpur, head back to your hotel for a refreshing hot shower and a soft bed to comfort you to sleep.

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