The Do’s and Don’t when visiting Bali

When you are visiting any country in the world, there are usually a list of unspoken ‘do’s and don’ts’ and the island of Bali is no exception. However, some of these do’s and don’ts are not obvious to the first-time tourist. Read on for things you should and shouldn’t do


Christmas in Singapore

Planning a holiday getaway this year? Head to Singapore for a festive vacation, regardless of the lack of snow! Here are a few of the Christmas experiences you won’t want to miss!


Escape to Seminyak with the kids!

So, you want to get away for a long weekend somewhere tropical, salty and full of sun, filled with cocktails and mouth-watering food – with the kids. Seminyak in the south of Bali is the perfect destination to enjoy all of this, while also keeping the kiddies entertained as well.


A word with David Brocklehurst

David Brocklehurst, from Australia has been traveling on a regular basis around the region for quick stop overs every 2 months. He has an office in Singapore His trips are usually business trips for his company, FirmDecisions selling services to advertisers and David shares with us his places to go