Must try local favourites!

Eating, as we all know is Singaporean’s favourite past time. As a result, there are eating establishments all over the country! As with all things, we have our favourites too!

Must try local favourites, available at most hawker centers, are:

1. Fried carrot cake – not the cakey kind, these are little cubes of rice flour and radish fried with egg. 2 kinds are available, the black variety is sweeter than the white savoury one.

2. Bak Kut Teh – A herbal pork based soup with garlic and spices, main ingredient: pork ribs.

3. Chicken rice – A national favourite, silky smooth poached chicken or roasted chicken on top of fluffy rice infused with chicken stock.

4. Rojak – There are 2 popular versions here, the Chinese version is heavy on fresh fruits and vegetables, whereas the Indian variety offers a mixture of deep fried fritters.

5. Roti Prata – Flaky on the outside, deliciously elastic on the inside. Varieties include anything from mushroom, to cheese, to onions, to eggs. Dip with curries or add sugar or just eat them as it is.

6. Chilli crab and black pepper crab – Crabs cooked in a tangy sauce made with tomato, chilli, eggs and a tinge of sambal. The black pepper crab is equally gratifying.

7. Char kway teow – A mixture of flat rice noodles, eggs, prawns and cockles.

8. Laksa – Rice noodles served with spicy gravy, topped with prawns, cockles, fish cake. There are a few varieties available, Penang Laksa – a soup, fish-based soup with tamarind.
Katong Laksa – Rich coconut gravy, slightly spicy, commonly served with noodles that have be cut into smaller pieces.

9. Fish head curry – Large meaty fish head stewed to perfection in a tamarind-based curry sauce, with vegetables.

10. Satay – Strips of beef, mutton, chicken and pork are are skewered and grilled. Commonly dipped in spicy peanut gravy. Complimented by cubes of rice (ketupat), cucumbers and onions.