Singapore is currently shrouded in haze.

If you are scheduled to visit Singapore these couple of days, do bring along additional medication especially those with existing heart or respiratory ailments. Don’t forget to bring along your respiratory masks and some indoor entertainment!

What causes the haze?

Singapore is likely to be impacted by smoke haze when there are forest fires in the region and the prevailing Southwest Monsoon winds blow the smoke from the fires in our direction. Past smoke haze episodes occurred largely within the period of May to October.

The Pollutant Standards Index, Singapore’s main measure for air pollution, surged to a record reading of 371, breaching the “hazardous” classification that can aggravate respiratory ailments. The previous all-time high before this week was in 1997, when the index reached 226.

Minimise exposure by reducing outdoor activities and physical exertion

•      Stay indoors as far as possible

•      Reduce hours spent outdoors

•      Reduce physical exertion

•      Use N95 masks as appropriate, depending on (i) health status, (ii) PSI level, (iii) physical exertion and (iv) time spent outdoors


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