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19 Dec 2012

Seen a hdb coffeeshop? Now picture a place with 5 times as many stalls and rows and rows of tables & seats. That is a hawker center, in a Singapore context.

Almost every hawker center offer some specialty dish. Easily identifiable by the newspaper cuttings or pictures of local variety food show hosts displayed proudly on the display glass or stall wall.

If you are looking for cheap and yummy food, do check out these hawker centers or food centers.

Some of the more famous ones are:

1. Zion Road Food Centre
2. Maxwell Food Centre
3. Amoy Food Centre
4. Lau Pa Sat
5. East Coast Food Centre

Never been to a Singapore Hawker Center?

Here are some tips on the culture here.

  • Settle down at a table, and note the table number so you can relay it to the person taking your order.

  • Most stalls are self-service, meaning you carry your own food tray back to your table.

  • If its crowded, sharing a table is not uncommon.

  • You may find packets of tissue paper, umbrellas on the seats of empty table, that's the Singaporean way of reserving a seat while they head off to order their food.

  • If you are unsure of what to order, just look for stalls with queues, or check out the local favourites, they're usually well worth the wait.

Bon Appetite!

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