Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2013

Flower Festival Parade

In some ways this is the best part of the Flower Festival. The Flower Festival Parade starts on Saturday morning. The parade lines up along Charoen Muang Road, all the way up from the Nawarat Bridge to the train station. At 8am the parade begins to move. After passing the viewing stand the parade moves up Tha Pae Road to Tha Pae Gate and then turns left and follows the moat round to Suan Buak Haad. The parade moves very slowly, and stops frequently, so there is plenty of opportunity to take photographs of the gaily decorated floats, pretty girls, and colorful hill tribe people in their costumes. At these stops dancers in traditional costumes perform Thai dances. Those taking part in the parade hand out roses to the spectators lining the road.

Miss Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Most of the girls perched on top of the gaily decorated floats and carriages are candidates for the Miss Chiang Mai Flower Festival competition. By late afternoon the really serious part of the festival begins – choosing the Chiang Mai Flower Festival Queen. Loud rock music and a copious supply of beer help in the deliberations. The party goes on well into the evening until the Flower Festival Queen is chosen. The atmosphere here is relaxed and cheerful, and at this time of the year the nights are still cool and breezy, making for a very pleasant ambience.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival