Weather in Bali

Bali has 2 distinct season, dry season (May – September) and wet ( October – April).

May, June and July are generally considered to be the best time to travel to Bali in terms of the weather. However, depending on whether the traveler is a surfer or explorer, preferences may change. During the dry season, May to October, the western side of the peninsula creates some of the world’s best waves. The best advice is to check the estimated weather during time of travel and pack accordingly.

Being a tropical country, the weather is usually hot and sunny. Sunrises about 6.20am and sets about 6.30pm.

Temperature ranges between 31ºC and 33ºC, though due to the humidity, it can feel a lot warmer.

Bali’s ‘peak season’ is typically July and August. June through to September is the Dry Season and temperatures remain at an average of 31- 33 ºC, humidity sits at an average 60 – 65% and rainfall is at a minimum. Do expect sporadic rainfall even during the dry season. The towns are washed with an evening refreshing sea breeze which provides a welcome break from the heat.